Behind the Scenes

getting shut down
It seems every indie filmmaker has a tale of getting shut down. Trailer is no exception.

The third day of shooting was a Saturday. The weekend location was the post-production company where Paco worked. Here, they would get all of their dialogue scenes, plus several more set ups crammed into one physical location. The production had momentum and everyone was thrilled because for two days they could keep the trucks in one place.

Around noon, the Assistant Director called on the radio. A police officer had found a small problem with the permit - they didn't have one. Police often don't require permits when all the shooting happens inside using house power. But an officer had seen the grip trucks and decided to make an issue of it. Warning Douglas that they could take him to jail for the weekend if they wanted, the officer satisfied himself with shutting down the production.

It was two weeks before they could get back into the location. Part of the permit required hiring a police officer to oversee production. The officer they were assigned was the same one who shut them down. He seemed surprised that they were back. A little sheepish, he decided to go home early that day.


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