"Towers over much of the festival's padded features. Bravo!"

Next! It's the Palm Beach film festival

           Gary Shipes, staff writer
           The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News (FL) 4-12-2002

The festival's best… (14 features and 2 short films listed)

> Trailer: The Movie!:  Talk about an idea whose time has come, Douglas Horn's hilarious short skewers the rotting art of movie previews with deliciously satirical flair. Anyone who has suffered through too many movie trailers spoiling the entire movie's plot lines (Ashley Judd's current High Crimes TV trailer spots even give away the surprise ending) will relish what Horn does here. Realizing that you can make anything look good for two minutes, two young filmmakers salvage their cinematic monstrosity with editing, glossy cinematography, explosive action cuts, that stern, gritted-teeth narrator, and, of course, the obligatory Motown number. Oh, and lots of sex and violence, too. Trailer: The Movie!, at eight merciful minutes, towers over much of the festival's padded features. Bravo Mr. Horn!

"Trailer's humor couldn't be more timely or on-target."


           Warren Curry - editor

"You can make anything look good for two minutes." This is the basic idea that provides the framework for writer/director Douglas Horn's amusing short Trailer: The Movie! If you're one of the many who has been duped too many times by a slick trailer slapped together by a movie studio's marketing department, then Horn's film is giving voice to your frustrations. While Trailer: The Movie's concept is sharp enough to warrant praise by itself, the film is also very well executed. Horn has obviously sat through more than his fair share of misleading trailers, and this film is his satirical missive aimed right at the heart of Hollywood (heart of Hollywood? Is that an oxymoron?).

With a running time of just over 8 minutes, Trailer centers on two young filmmakers (Christopher Heltai and Paco Farias) who realize that their soon-to-be-completed feature length film actually only contains a few worthwhile moments. Rather than throw in the towel, they decide to edit together the flashiest shots (in trendy rapid-fire style) from the movie, which highlight stylized martial arts fighting, a bit of gratuitous sex and, of course, the obligatory Motown song that fuels the always welcome dance number. All of this is intensely narrated by that familiar "trailer voice."

The film, shot in 35mm, is constructed as, basically, an extended trailer for itself, and despite its short length, the movie appears to have been quite an elaborate shoot. There are choreographed fight and dance scenes, a few sweeping camera moves and a couple of distinct locations. Horn directs with a great comic sense, mimicking trailers with a well-studied verisimilitude, and he also displays a flair for directorial showmanship. The filmmaker better watch it, or soon some studio suits will be hiring him to direct a film similar to one that serves as the butt of Trailer's joke.

The film understands the scope of its concept and knows not to wear out its welcome. Trailer's humor couldn't be more timely or on-target, and here's to hoping that Horn will soon bring his comedic talents to the feature arena (even if that means he has to break bread with the same people he's currently lampooning). In the meantime, keep an eye peeled for Trailer: The Movie at a film festival in your area.


"An extra treat" for audiences.   "Catch it."

At a Theater Near You

           Moira MacDonald , Seattle Times Movie Critic
           The Seattle Times 1-17-03

Those attending "Catch Me If You Can" this week at the North Bend Theater have an extra treat in store: Seattle filmmaker Douglas Horn's short "Trailer: The Movie!" will screen before every showing of the feature, tonight through Thursday. Horn's film, a funny, slick satire of trailers that show too much, played at 20 film festivals in 2002, winning prizes at the Telluride IndieFest and Newport Beach International Film Festival. "Trailer: The Movie!" has recently been acquired by specialty distributor Apollo Cinema. Catch it — and DiCaprio/Hanks to boot — at the North Bend Theater, 125 Bendigo Blvd. N., North Bend; 425-888-1232.




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