Vital Statistics

Shot in: May, 2001
Days to shoot: 6.5

Cameras used: Arriflex III 35mm high-speed camera
Arriflex BL 3 35mm crystal sync camera

Number of Beverly Hills streets closed off for production: 1 (Palm Drive)

People on the set: 38 average
People contributing to production: over 60

Actors' headshots rcvd: 1,000+
Actors auditioned: 112
Actors called back: 40
Actors in the film: 7

Gallons of bottled water consumed during production: 320
Gallons of water used to shoot rain scene: 850

Feet of film shot: 12,400' (over two miles!)
Feet of film in completed movie: 805'
Feet of unexposed film developed to find the lost shot: 964'

How long the key shot was believed to be lost: six days
How long this felt like at the time: six years

Locations scouted: 96
Locations used: 15

Fastest camera speed shot: 120 fps
Slowest camera speed shot: 6 fps

Number of setups in a typical feature film: about 300
Number of setups in Trailer: The Movie!: almost 90


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